Van Tour!

After living in our van full time for 3 years, I finally decided to make a van tour video. I have been wanting to get a video of our home on wheels for a long time, but never got the motivation to do so, until now. Below are pictures of the van throughout different building stages.

When we first got the van it was an empty shell with no windows. Proof below.

Immediately we got to work on creating our new home. In the first stage of the build (shown below,) we had nothing painted or sealed. We had the basic layout done, along with some finishing work.

(Pictures from an interview written back in 2015/2016. You can view the interview here to learn a bit more about our van and it’s beginning stages.  )

After living in the van for a year, we started redesigning our layout and decorations. We ended up replacing our counter top, changing the water system, replacing the bed frame, and began to seal the wood.

As you can see, we have an eclectic feel to our van. When designing the van, I knew that I wanted pictures of our adventures everywhere in the van. Above the kitchen counter is a thin book shelf that I posted pictures from our wedding and earlier adventures. Above the bed are cork boards that we can pin pictures to. And the door has a chalkboard painted on which allows us to take notes and draw pictures on.

(Also note the various spots that our cat Lily stays in. She loves the van.)

Hope everyone enjoys seeing a glimpse into our home and what van’s can be converted into.

Stay tuned for a video on our hangboard (climbing specific training tool) setup soon.

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