11 Random Facts About Us

  1. Alex eats a lot of chocolate and peanut butter. If I wasn’t here to make him food, he would probably only eat dark chocolate and peanut butter. Somehow, he is very fit looking. Must be all that chocolate.
  2. Tina is the youngest of five. I have 2 biological siblings, and 2 step-siblings. All of them I care about deeply.
  3. Tina took dance classes throughout her childhood. I took jazz, ballet, hip hop, and tap dance. My favorite was hip hop.
  4. Tina continues to dance by using hula hoops as props. I have been hula hooping, learning various tricks and dance concepts for 4 years now.
  5. Alex took a rock climbing class when he was 10 years old and hated it. Ironic now that he loves rock climbing a lot.
  6. Alex hates the sun and heat, loves the cold.
  7. Tina loves the sun and heat, hates the cold. Somehow we make it work.
  8. Alex’s other passion is woodworking. We used this passion to renovate our van.
  9. Tina is ticklish everywhere. It makes getting massages somewhat difficult.
  10. Alex and Tina both worked full time jobs and went to school for the first year while living in the van. That was super stressful and we hated it.
  11. Alex and Tina are both homebodies. Even though we live to travel, we still find that we just want to hang out in our van.

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