The Essential #Vanlife Items

This post will be dedicated to going over some of the essential items you should have when living in a vehicle.

  1. Comfortable bed : This one is a no brainer. If you’re going to live in a vehicle, you’re going to want to make sure your bed is comfortable. After all, it’s what you will be crawling into every night. Our bed is made up of old foam from our climbing crash pads, and foam from a couch. Some people opt for a real mattress. You choose, but make it comfy.
  2. Pee bucket/bottle : Going outside to pee isn’t always feasible, it could be raining or there could be tons of people around. We use a bucket to collect our urine, this allows me (a female) to be able to sit down. Another alternative is getting a Female Urination Device such as, the GoGirl. This allows females to pee standing up.
  3. Stove : Another no brainer. Propane, denatured alcohol, or a small stove all work. Just make sure you have proper ventilation when cooking.
  4. Cooler : Some folks go with a fridge such as a Nova Kool or Dometic, but this means that you need to power the fridge. Another simple option is to just have a cooler filled with ice to keep the essentials cool for a couple days, thus giving you more options for meals.
  5. Fan : Having a fan helps keep the vehicle you’re living in cool. Again, you’ll need to power the fan. Some people choose to have two fans or a vent to increase the circulation of the air. This is up to you, but have a fan regardless.
  6. Curtains or Window Covers : This essential item can do a few different things such as, creating privacy and keeping the van temperatures down. We put in Reflectix window covers to block out the sun. This keeps our van significantly cooler during the hot summer days.
  7. Heater : Having a heater isn’t an essential item for everyone, but we believe that a heater takes the vanlifer from winter camping to essentially living in a house. Plus our “home base” is in Maine and the winters there can be real cold! We choose to heat our van with the Espar Heater. This heater only works if your van or vehicle is diesel. Otherwise, a propane heater can work, but proper ventilation is important.

I’m sure there are more items that I could list, but these are just the essentials, hence the title…


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