Trip Report: Squamish, British Columbia

This post is going to give the most up to date information for living in a van or vehicle in Squamish.

Places to Sleep: This is a tricky one. The town is relatively small and land locked by water which limits options to sleep for free. Plus the locals aren’t very happy with the amount of people living out of their vehicles which is understandable as it can feel very populated, especially on weekends and holidays. Obviously, the best spots to sleep are in pay by night campgrounds. There are bathrooms and trash cans. Plus the locals won’t hate you so much. Because we were staying in Squamish for a long time (4 months,) we choose to drive far up the Mamquam Forest Road (6 miles minimum) in order to sleep for free. This meant finding a flat spot and driving to a bathroom and NO FIRES!

Shopping: The town provides all the amenities that one might need. There are a few different grocery stores and we ended up price shopping quite a bit. The best place to get food for a reasonable price was Save On Foods. Although, Nesters had really cheap eggs. Of course, don’t forget to check out Walmart for random items on discount.

Spots to Hangout on Hot Days: Going to the Nexus (or Newport?) Beach is super close to town and is typically very windy in the afternoon. It’s also one of the local wind surfing spots in Squamish. Murrin Park is also nice and close to town and provides a sweet pond to swim in with easy access to climbing and light hiking.

Spots to Hangout on Rainy Days: Going to the Brennen Recreation park is great. For a few bucks you can go swimming, hot tubbing, and take a nice shower. Another good spot was the Adventure Center which has WiFi and a small coffee shop. There are other cute coffee shops in town that also provide WiFi.

Check out the Adventure Park to get information on activities in Squamish.

My suggestion on things to do:

  1.  Climb whatever looks awesome! There is an endless amount of climbing.
  2.  Hike (So many easy, moderate, and difficult hikes)
  3.  Water sports such as kite surfing and wind surfing are very popular. Or go buy a blow up tube and enjoy the many beautiful lakes.
  4.  Check out the town parks, which host numerous events and farmers markets.
  5.  Rent a bike and bike around town.
  6.  Check out Vancouver.
  7.  Go to Whistler.
  8.  Go mountain biking, another popular outdoor activity.



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