Back Home (Getting Ready for Road Trip #4)

We arrived back in Maine in the beginning of October with the intention to do more van projects, climb at our local areas, and visit friends and family. Our plan was to  stay in Maine for the holidays (as we have missed the past two Christmas’s) and will be leaving for the road again once more.

While we were traveling in our van, we came up with a large list of van projects that we wanted to tackle this time around.

  1. Paint the interior of the van a brighter, warm color. We choose an off-white color similar to the exterior color of the van. 

  2. Install a window on the sliding door. We wanted more natural light and got a good deal on a window from a friend. 

  3. Replace the solar batteries that we seemed to have messed up. We decided to purchase lead acid batteries which needed a sealed container for the batteries and a vent.
  4. Move the solar panels to create space to build a rooftop deck/storage space.
  5. Raise the bed. This will allow us to take the climbing equipment off the crate on the back of our van and put everything inside. This meant a lot less space, but that’s okay because we brought too much with us originally.
  6. Build mini steps for our cat. As our cat Lily gets older, we fear that she wont be able to jump as high. We wanted to build small steps for her to be able to access the floor and the bed whenever.
  7. Replace the refrigerator that we accidentally broke. Oops.
  8. Build a space on the back door for our diesel canisters (can’t have those inside).
  9. Fix the front step on our van, which is plastic and broke years ago when we hit a deer.

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember it all. Anyways, this is the time to renovate our van into a more efficient and brighter space. This is our first van and with that comes a lot of re-tooling and changing plans, similar to owning a first house. We are making mistakes and learning through the process which can be challenging but rewarding.


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