Let’s Get Down to Business

After a couple months of being back on the road, we found it was also time to get down to business. What does that mean exactly? Well, we have decided to create to a small business while living on the road. We call our new business Rest Day Repairs.

Rest Day Repairs is a custom work sewing and repairing business that aims to mend and repair fabric based items wherever we are located. We will accept items such as clothing, bedding, shoes, bouldering pads, and any custom work. Our goal with this small business is to help fellow outdoor enthusiasts reduce their impact by fixing items instead of discarding them, all for a low cost. We plan to promote our new business by word of mouth, Instagram (@restday_repairs), and advertising on our van.

Rest Day Repairs aims to provide local, quick, and easy repairs to those in need, specifically “at the crag” or wherever we are located. We work out of our van with our sewing machine and provide the materials.

We aren’t looking to get rich repairing clothes, but having something to work on while traveling provides a sense of stability and motivation for us. We are excited to meet more people through this service and we hope our business can go far. *Finger’s crossed*


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