Trip Report: Joe’s Valley, again.

Ah Joe’s Valley. A place we have continued to return to each year that we have been “on the road”. In fact, this is our 3rd time visiting the area and each time we have stayed longer and longer. I think the reason we enjoy Joe’s Valley so much has to do with not only the climbing, but the access to great camping and a simple lifestyle.

Every day that we spent there, we would make a delicious breakfast, usually pancakes, and start to warm up our bodies for climbing, usually yoga. Then we would head to our favorite warm up climbing spot and get straight to work trying harder climbs. Alex and I usually climb different things, so we end up switching days. Alex will climb one day, and I will climb the next. That way we can allow the person climbing all the time they may need to send their project climb. So far, it has worked out great.

This time around, we stayed in Joe’s Valley for 2 months and climbed practically every day, unless it rained…then we had to wait for the rock to dry out. What was interesting about this return trip was the amount of rain that actually occurred. In the town of Orangeville, there was a record amount of rainfall, making the desert feel less so. Having so much rain this spring greatly effected the amount of climbers coming to the area and thus effecting the local economy. At times, it felt like we were the only climbers there.

Climbing being priority number one, we were pleased with the amount of new climbs we tried, but at the same time, didn’t finish many of them. In fact, we would go weeks without sending anything new. It felt a bit defeating but with a shift in our mindset, we realized we were just planting the seeds for when we return in the fall.

That’s right, we are planning on going back when summer cools off. We’d really like to meet our climbing objectives as we had so many setbacks this spring, ie; rain and finger injuries. Fingers crossed, we don’t have any issues.



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