Let’s Catch Up

It has been an entire winter season since I posted anything on this blog and today that changes. Since my last post, a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t.

For starters we are still climbing and living in our van. That hasn’t changed much. We’ve been floating around Utah, Nevada, and California during these past few months, climbing and meeting new friends along the way. We’ve had a few minor overuse injuries that have had us re-evaluate our constant push to be stronger. We’ve taken some steps back from the constant go go go that can be climbing full time and we’ve chosen to rest more. Which leads me to writing a new post as today we are resting.

One of the main changes in our lives is our new remote job. To find a remote job while living in a van is like a dream come true. Throughout our four years of full time living in the van, we have kept our eyes open to any remote job opportunity. We didn’t find anything that fit for us until we randomly showed up to a climbing spot in Joe’s Valley, where we met our future boss.

We were approached by someone working with the town tourism board. He asked if we could take photos and write up descriptions of the area we were in. He needed help and he was willing to hire us even with our amateur photography skills. After sending him a demo, he asked us to work with him more. Fast forward to a month ago and we were sent to our first location to gather 360 photos and aerials of the town. He supplied us with the gear and we were off to the town of Kanab, Utah.

We arrived in Kanab ready to tackle our first big project, document the most popular tourism spots. This was made easier thanks to Kanab Touring Company. They helped provide us with experienced guides for a week. This gave us a chance to see as much as we could and boy did we! I think we actually left a part of our brains in Kanab from when they melted at all the beautiful sites. (That was weird, but you get the idea, it was freaking amazing!) We experienced slot canyons with towering sandstone walls, martian-like landscapes hidden off of 4×4 roads, and we stepped back through time as we went to huge dinosaur tracks, pictographs, and petroglyphs, some dating back to 1200 A.D.

After we got a weeks worth of adventures on footage, we then had to edit and compile each photo plus descriptions for the upcoming upload onto the future Rovit.com site. That process took us three weeks to get everything ready, with the photos taking the most amount of work.

So far, this job has provided us with more adventures than we could have planned ourselves, and we get paid too! All thanks to being in the right place at the right time. We hope that this website and soon App will amplify the tourism in Utah and eventually every county, state, and country. We can’t wait to see where this goes for us and we can’t wait for people to see the sights right from their computers. Stay tuned for that!

Aside from our new job, we have been hunkering down in the van due to the current pandemic of Covid-19, Coronavirus. Yes, we are dealing with that as well.

For us, we have stayed in the town where our boss lives. It’s not exactly where we want to be as its starting to get quite hot, but we don’t feel comfortable leaving right now. For now, we are living just like everyone else. Scared, nervous, and uncertain about what every day holds in terms of health, family, and society. We are very thankful to still have a remote job and a remote lifestyle that is keeping us self-quarantined. We are not immune so we have been focused on keeping ourselves safe by washing our hands constantly, barely going into town, and wearing masks (that we made). Right now, we don’t know when we will feel safe to move locations and return to our lives, but we assume at least a couple months.

These are uncertain times. We hope our families, friends and communities are staying safe and self quarantined. 


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