Hello! Our names are Tina and Alex and we made this site to help connect with our family and friends during our travel as well as encourage and teach new van owners what life is like living simply. This website will contain personal stories, our experience with building out our van, and any advice we might have.

tinaalex We first met on an online dating site (back when there was no such thing as tinder). Our first date was at a local rock climbing gym. It was here, where we quickly learned to trust each other through the sport and eventually we realized a shared passion for climbing and traveling. Within four years of dating, our relationship continues to grow through the good times and bad. We also realized that we needed to break out of our everyday lives of work, work, work and school, school, school and plan a life where we can start living free and simply.  We moved into our van in December 2015 and haven’t looked back since. With the help and support of friends, family, and strangers, we are able to live out our dream.